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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the usual causes of a clogged drain?

When people are not mindful of what they put in the drain, it commonly results in clogs, most especially in kitchens. Clogs also happen in other drains, including those in the bathroom, usually due to the oil residues from shampoo, soaps, and hair.

If my faucet keeps dripping, what is the problem?

Damage to the internal mechanisms of the faucet typically causes the drips, and fairly has an easy solution. Repair or replacement of the internal mechanisms is the simple and low-cost answer. Better turn off your faucets gently rather than forcibly.

How would I know if I already need a plumber?

A number of plumbing jobs can be performed by a normal person by himself. However, complicated plumbing jobs like adding pipes, bathroom remodeling, or dishwasher installation require the services of a plumber. This is to avoid further damage from doing the job yourself.

Are all plumbers trained for all kinds of services?

Plumbers have undergone their own specific trainings that permit them to accomplish every kind of plumbing work. Some specialize in plumbing inside the home, including sinks, toilets, and drains while some may be experts in sewage lines. Tell us your problem, and we’ll send the right plumber to you.

Why choose us for the plumbing services you need?

We are a licensed company, dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We  value to our clients so much that we are ready to cater to their needs 24/7. You can be sure that we are committed to delivering the best services.

Do plumbing repairs and other services have a fixed price?

It is a must to remember that each plumbing service is different from the others, and some may require further work. This is the main reason why the final cost may be more than what is expected. Therefore, we must expect some possible changes.

Are your plumbers reliable and punctual?

You can expect our plumbers to be honest and to be at your doorstep right on time. This has made our company reputable. We always take the our clients availability into consideration and practice respect for the privacy of their home.

Do your plumbers observe neatness and courteousness?

Expect that our plumbers will be cautious in providing a clean and orderly job. While in your home, they will wear shoe covers, utilize mats for their tools, and do the cleanup after. They will also speak to you in a clear and professional manner.

Do you perform home plumbing health inspections?

Yes. You can also contact us to do home plumbing health checks to guarantee that your home plumbing is on its best condition. We have skilled plumbers who possess the right tools to ensure that your pipes are free from leaks and that your drain functions properly.

Does your work come with a warranty for workmanship?

Yes. As we endeavor to bring you 100% customer satisfaction, we assure you that we will provide the best plumbing services that you require. All our works come with a warranty for workmanship. The parts, however, may be subject to the manufacturers’ warranties.

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